On-Page Tips

  • When using keyword tools that suggest using a word 10x and another 7x… ignore that but use them as inspiration. Google no longer treats content like a bag of words. Google cares more about the context of the keywords used and the quality of the information.
  • Only the first internal link on a page passes juice, so be mindful of that when planning your pages.
  • Add more internal links to the associated cluster to give the page itself a boost.
  • Adding external links on your page to authority sites boosts your pages (no, it doesn’t leak juice; it actually helps the page).
  • Bold some of the most important terms.
  • Talk about the most important things at the top of the page.
  • Use NLP question-answer formatting in your intro and for FAQs. That’s where you repeat the question as you answer it.
  • Insert local niche statistics and link to the source.
  • For blogs, add a built-out author profile at the end to help with EEAT.
  • Add a client video speaking about a topic that has search volume. Add the transcription in an accordion below the video. Write and optimize the blog to rank for the search term.
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