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    SEO Audit

    What is Our SiteFix Service?

    It's a mini audit & fix solution that will give your site the foundation it needs to rank

    We do a keyword analysis of your pages, identify current page optimization pros and cons, make recommendations, and execute changes to the core SEO elements to ensure the site is set up for success.

    The cost is $50 plus $20 for each of your core service pages and $15 for each of your blog posts

    You can choose the number of pages you’d like us to do

    This service is performed by our professional SEO team and is a great first step prior to starting Content Autopilot

    Keywords Analysis

    • Establish the geographical + service architecture (how should the geos and service kws be set up on the core pages etc)
    • Identify current page optimization pros and cons
    • Identify new/suggested Main Keyword targets per page

    We identify problems, make recommendations, and provide a report 

    • Geographical & niche optimization
    • Word Count optimization
    • Page rewrites suggestions
    • URL optimization
    • New service pages suggestions
    • Identifying cannibalization
    • EEAT Check

    Changes we execute for each page:

    • Internal Links to and from (based on sitewide silo and targeting strategy)
    • Titles & Meta Descriptions
    • H1 and headings optimization
    • Minor body text adjustments
    • Adjust main keyword targeting to conform with correct targeting
    • Cannibalization issues resolved
    • URL optimization

    Ready to Build on Your Optimized Foundation?

    Take the guesswork out of content creation and ensure you’ve got a lead-generating content strategy in place with Content Autopilot.

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