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Feel free to break your word count up into however many articles you’d like. For example, if you order 3,000 words, you can do 6 articles at 500 words each, etc.

Our AUTHORITY level content is our recommended “money site/client content” option.

Click the “Description” button below for complete details on this level of content.

***You’ll notice below the price decreases as the volume ordered increases


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Written only by talented and experienced writers capable of creating engaging, top-notch content.

* Each Authority order goes through an editing process. Our editing team will verify the writer has followed your directions properly, they’ll check for and polish grammar issues, and they’ll also verify the quality of the writing is on par with our Authority service.

This level of content is mostly used by our customers for:

  • Website pages or blog posts of any type (Local businesses, affiliate, national, popular, general, etc)
  • Affiliate content such as product reviews & comparisons, etc
  • Any length/word count

The writer will follow your instructions to produce a high-quality piece of content, so please provide as many details as you can on the order form that you will download.

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Please refer to the TAT at the top of the page for an estimated delivery time.

This content is unique, has proper English, grammar & punctuation, and is of course 100% Copyscape proof.


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Word Count

500 words, 750 words, 1000 words, 1500 words, 2000 words, 2500 words, 3000 words, 3500 words, 4000 words, 4500 words, 5000 words, 5500 words, 6000 words, 6500 words, 7000 words, 7500 words, 8000 words, 8500 words, 9000 words, 9500 words, 10,000 words, 10,500 words, 11,000 words, 11,500 words, 12,000 words, 12,500 words, 13,000 words, 13,500 words, 14,000 words, 14,500 words, 15,000 words, 16,000 words, 17,000 words, 18,000 words, 19,000 words, 20,000 words, 30,000 words, 50,000 words