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here is the Google Sheets version CLICK HERE


How to Get the Best Results with Your Instructions

Before we entered the content service arena, our biggest struggle in the area of content was making sure writers delivered EXACTLY what we needed in order to 1) RANK,  2) help the visitor, and 3) SELL. Getting writers to deliver exactly what you need on the first shot requires detailed instructions, and we get that.

To summarize, our form was created to accommodate a well-researched content plan.


Can’t Stand Doing Content Research?

***We offer custom DONE-FOR-YOU SEO Content Plans, which include manual competitive research audits to determine ideal word counts, headings, topics, article titles, keywords, and web page suggestions. We also rely on the integration of software for semantic and TF-IDF data. This is agency-level reconnaissance work in which we provide custom solutions for each individual agency’s needs. Email info@seocontenthero.com, attention: JOE