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I'd like every reader to grasp these three key points:

  • We’re one of the few remaining companies that offer writing by career professional USA-based humans
  • We successfully identify and filter out writers who attempt to use AI for human projects
  • Although we use humans for our content writing and editing, SEO Content Hero hasn’t neglected to adapt to the evolving landscape of AI

We’re Still Human

There aren’t many options remaining for high-quality, customized content. And that’s why our humans are shining bright.

Most content agencies have completely flipped the switch to AI.  The digital marketing community may be surprised to hear that it hasn’t been by choice. Being unable to clearly decipher internally when writers were using AI caused their quality processes to no longer work. Then, their infrastructures collapsed. Fortunately for us, this was not the case.

We’re dedicated to making sure our products not only improve in quality but are also sustainable when it comes to algorithm updates. In a sea of fast-changing information and technology, sometimes taking it slow is the best option.

Below, I’ll expand on our position on AI content generation and our plans for it, so please continue reading.

Why Are Our 3 Featured Content Products Still 100% Human?

So, did we just aimlessly double down on humans because it’s all we know? Nay.

Well-written content is being rewarded by Google hand over fist and AI is still a step behind what our writers can produce.

The birth of ChatGPT and OpenAI has only sharpened our perspective on how to gauge talent. Initially, we had to take a long look in the mirror and say goodbye to our Authority Level content product. Our threshold for skill requirements had to increase. Now our minimum bar for talent is higher in nearly every tangible category.  Best of all, we’re producing higher quality content as a result of AI’s existence.

Did you know SEO Content Hero can create and execute a customized monthly SEO content strategy for your sites? Find out more here or start a subscription. We call the service Content Autopilot!

How Do We Know Our Writers Aren’t Using AI?

Ah, the AI detectors. Those things. What a journey it has been with them.

I remember the day in April 2023 when changed its algorithm, and pieces from trusted writers began failing.

This grown man was in tears after 3 weeks of wanting to rip my hair out. I never anticipated having this level of stress on the road to authenticity. But we figured it out.

AI Content Is Indeed Distinguishable

Every writer has a voice. And if they use AI, they lose that voice. Period.

A good editor can “listen” to the content and distinguish the difference and also find the patterns in deep learning systems as well.

Numbers Don’t Lie isn’t perfect, but after having months of numbers available to sample the statistics, the results are overwhelmingly conclusive. We know exactly when a writer is using AI because we measure their results over time.

I have more information to come on the details of this soon. Perhaps a case study.

Our Business Thrives Thanks to Our Human Team

What’s kept us going strong is the fact that our writers, editors, and QA team invest significant time into every individual sentence. It also helps that our internal content processes are the result of 9+ years of SOP building.

Our Hybrid Human AI Content Product Is In Beta

Yes, we do have a Hybrid Human + AI product available for those who are looking for a better AI option than what’s available out in the wild. It’s around $5 per 100 words and is in beta. That means it’s not available like a regular product. You can view this page if you have an interest in getting on a list to see if you qualify for the program.

Our plans are to continue the development of it. It’s pretty close in quality to our Professional Level content. But you simply can’t reach the level of customization needed to match our Elite Level content. AI can only go so far.

There will always be the need to have a qualified and experienced human being not only behind things, but in front of things!

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