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How to place an order and submit instructions for one-time single or bulk content orders


Place Your Order

First, make your purchase here.
You’ll choose the level of content and total word count based on your needs.


Fill Out Instructions Form

For Google Sheets, CLICK HERE
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Send Us Your Instructions Form

Drag and Drop your instructions form after you’ve placed your order (this is new!)
Send your completed instructions form to

Easily Keep Track of Your Content!

Our dashboard allows you to view the status of every piece of content you order and download pages as they’re complete.

You can also see the remaining credit you have on your bulk orders, see and download the instructions you sent, do a quick search for the article by title, and much more!

Schedule a Strategy Session

Questions about strategy or research? We’re ready to chat!

SEO Content Hero is passionate about making sure your content matches your brand’s vision. We’re also experts at ensuring your sites meet and exceed expectations for ranking and conversion goals.

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

How do I keep track of my orders?

We’ve got an awesome Content Dashboard!

  • You can see the status of each page
  • View the instructions you submitted
  • View the remaining balance
  • Much more!

How do I submit my instructions?

Once you place your order and make the purchase, you have the choice to:

  • upload your instructions file (get our instructions form from THIS PAGE )
  • email them to

Feel free to submit your own instructions brief and files any way you’d like!


Yes! We can provide topic and keyword suggestions if you are not doing the research yourself.

You become eligible for this once you place an order and have “word count credits” in your dashboard.

We’ll do research in proportion to your purchase.

**Please allow 2 to 4 business days from the date of request.

How is my content sent to me?

For every batch of instructions you send, regardless of if you’ve exhausted the remaining word count balance, you’ll automatically receive an email with a download link when it is done.

Feel free to download each page as we complete it in the dashboard.

You can view see the status of each page in real time.

Where are your writers located?

Just about our entire writing team is located here in the USA. We have a few writers who are located in the UK and Australia to better serve our overseas partners.

You’ll NEVER have to deal with awkward or broken English with us!

I won't have to edit my content, will I?

Every piece of content you’ll receive is fully edited. Scrutinized to the max and publish-ready.


  • verify your instructions have been followed 100%
  • make sure the writer has incorporated all of SEO Content Hero’s best practices
  • improve on any areas of opportunity such as grammar, syntax, SEO attributes, structure, and more.

Does all the content come SEO optimized?

Yes. Although our #1 concern, first and foremost, is making sure we write engaging and purposeful content, every order automatically comes with  Standard Optimization. This includes:

  • Main Keyword, 2-3 Secondary Keywords, and inclusion of Semantic Keywords generated from those keywords
  • Standard Heading and Subheading Hierarchy (H1, H2, H3)
  • Competitive Research

Surfer SEO Addon – it costs an additional $3.50/100 words and includes everything that comes with Standard Optimization PLUS:

  •  Our research team will generate guidelines with Surfer SEO’s Content Editor and write your content using this software

Do you use AI Writing Tools?

No, we do not use AI writing tools to generate content.

We do use Grammarly, which is an AI grammar tool.

It is not a tool that produces content; it is an editing tool and you can find more information here
Use of Grammarly may result in a false positive when using an AI checker.

If you prefer we do not use it, please let us know in your instructions.

Can I send my own brief or order instructions, rather than use your form?

Yes! We will happily adjust to YOUR processes. Send us what you have!

After you’ve placed your order, email them to

Can SEO Content Hero follow very detailed instructions?

Absolutely! We’re known for working seamlessly with agencies and marketers that have detailed requirements. We have our own instructions form you can use or you can send us your own. (As long as it is clear.)

Can you provide examples of how customers use the 2 levels of content offered?

Elite Level Content

This level of content is the highest quality of writing we offer.

While our clients often use the Elite Level content to simply access our best writers for any project under the sun, it’s also a great choice for topics requiring analytical skills and critical thinking.

This level of content is the best match for projects that call for deep research and technical/niche specialization.


  • Legal
  • SAAS
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical

Professional Level Content

This level of content is a great match for local business content (such as home services, HVAC, and dental) or topics that are not especially technical.

As a content vendor, what are your qualifications?

  • Each member of the SEOCH administration has a college level education.
  • Our “in the trenches” agency & SEO experience has enabled us to provide real-world solutions. We own a successful marketing agency which has an emphasis on quality content, lead generation, and SEO.

Can I place a BIG order so I can get the discounted rate, but submit my instructions in pieces?


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