How Content Autopilot Works

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Topic Pitches, Communication, and Publishing

What Happens After You’ve Purchased a Subscription?

A recurring payment will be activated, and you’ll be charged automatically each month on the same day.

Your First Topic Pitch

We’ll send you via email a suggested topic and keyword strategy within 7 business days of starting your subscription.

You’ll always have 2 business days to accept or suggest changes.

Starting on month 2, your topic pitches should arrive within 2-5 business days of your recurring purchase date.

The Writing and Publishing Part

We’ll then begin to write and publish your content within 3 business days of your requested publish date(s).


You’ll receive an automated email when the content has been published.

You can also opt to have your content and drafts approved before we take your pages live.

Pricing and Optional Charges


  • $25 – One-time research fee for each site you introduce into the program.
  • $5 – Researched Topic Pitches for each page or blog post, each month.
  • The cost of the content. That’s found here. Use this only as a reference because you’ll be on a recurring payment system.



  • $5 – SEO Titles, Meta Descriptions, & URL Optimization
  • $5 – Upload to WordPress
  • $3 – Images are $3 each
  • $3 – Add internal links on other pages to boost your new posts
  • Guest Posts – pricing varies

Information About Publish Dates

You should consider aligning your subscription payment with the schedule you prefer to have with your client.

We ask that you start your payment subscription at least 2 weeks prior (10 BD) to when you would like your publish date(s) to be.

This enables us to have enough time to properly research and pitch the topic to you, write the content, and publish it on your site.

We aim to publish/complete your items on the specific dates you’ve requested, but please allow us to do so within a 3 BD period of the date you choose upon creating your subscription.

*Please be advised that it may take approximately 3 weeks after your purchase date for us to publish during your first month.

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