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09 Feb Download Helpful Link Opportunities

A Nice List Of Varied IPs Will Get Your Creative Link Juice Flowing

Link building. It’s what we do. Or it’s what we should be doing if we’re taking action to rank a site… at least¬†according to¬†72 very qualified SEOs who have agreed that 66%+ of SEO has everything to do with links.

In many of the online communities, there’s chatter about “ranking sites with just content” and “just use schema.” Or one of my favorites: “I’m ranking sites for competitive keywords with just IFTTT.” While these are all great tactics, the truth is that you’d have to be extraordinarily lucky to rank with just one of these items. Our team has never landed a number one spot with JUST this or JUST that. Just like the diagram shows below, we know it takes quite a bit of synergy… so don’t fall for the many marketing schemes and so-called guru advice. There’s no substitute for a collaborative linkbuilding effort.


Ranking Factors


Here’s a list that has a hundred or two potential sources to post content and images on:

Click here for the list >>> links seocontenthero

There’s 55 2.0s in there, a ton of directory opportunites, and many more additional ideas for you. My favorite is the “dofollow” list of citations, which is particularly helpful with local.

We have to give some credit to Nathan Gotch, since we cherry picked a bunch of items off of a list he provided. But I am sure he doesn’t mind because that guy is just into helping people.

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Best of luck to you in your linkbuilding efforts


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