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There are lots of options and I am unsure on what to order! Can you give me a quick summary to help?
  • STANDARD – “TOPICAL CONTENT.” Great for the purpose of content for linkbuilding, topical SEO content, web 2.0s, etc. We don’t recommend putting these on your main website. >>> $1-$2 per 100 words range
  • PREMIUM – “BUDGET MONEY SITE CONTENT.” General website & blog content for when you’re on a tight budget. Factual, well written, and without fluff.  >>> $3+ per 100 word range
  • PLATINUM – “MONEY SITE CONTENT.” Great, high-quality content. >>> $5/100 word range
  • ELITE – “OUR BEST WRITERS.” Our highest quality & what we always first recommend. Many of these writers are published authors or career writing professionals. >>> $8-$12/100 word range
How do I send instructions for my order?

After you’ve made your purchase, GO HERE & DOWNLOAD THE FORM, then email it to info@seocontenthero.com.

Can I send my own brief / order instructions, rather than use your form?

Yes, as long as your instructions are clear, email them to info@seocontenthero.com

Is there a difference in quality between the various types of content (STANDARD, PREMIUM, PLATINUM, ELITE)?

YES! Hopefully we’ve made it clear what we’re trying to do: Content for every occasion and budget.

Example: I personally use the Standard content for my Brand Web 2.0 properties and my inner GEO supporting pages that are virtually invisible, but use the ELITE content for blog posts and web pages on my best sites.

Can I submit detailed instructions for EVERY level of service?

You can, but for the STANDARD content we can’t guarantee the writers will adhere to detailed instructions beyond the keyword, title, and notes for general instructions.

For PREMIUM, PLATINUM, and ELITE you’re good 🙂

As a content vendor, what are your qualifications?

Each member of the SEOCH administration has a college level education. We are in no way saying this equates to a guaranteed perfect product, but it does add a notch of credibility to our belt.

Laura has a bachelor’s degree from FAU and graduated with honors (with a minor in Literature that she never dreamed she would actually use; thank you SEO Content Hero!)

Madonna graduated with honors, earning her bachelor’s degree, and worked as middle school teacher for 4 years before joining us.

Joe is (slowly but surely) making his way toward an MBA in Internet Marketing at F.I.T.. He currently holds a cumulative GPA of 3.9.