Frequently Asked Questions

Anything we missed?

Why do you have 4 different pricing options?

We know profits are based on having the best margin possible. That’s why our product options are arranged according to BUDGET. Match your needs with the appropriate package.

Can you give me some quick examples of how customers use the various levels of content?

  • Elite – This level of content is the highest quality writing we offer. It’s a great choice if the topic requires critical thinking, deep research, citations, and specialization.
  • Professional – A great fit for attorneys, semi-technical topics, professional businesses, or if you’re wanting to make sure the writing has a professional tone and refined attributes.
  • Authority – Most popular for affiliate projects (reviews & poduct descriptions), local businesses clients, and general website content.
  • Premium – General website & blog content. Factual and informative. While we refer to this option as the “budget” option, don’t let that cause you to doubt the purchase!

How do I submit my instructions?

Go to THIS PAGE and fill out our instructions form.

Then email the instructions form to

Do you guys really follow super-detailed instructions if I send a custom brief?

Heck yes we do! We’re known for working seamlessly with agencies and marketers that have detailed requirements. We have our own instructions form you can use or you can send us your own. (As long as it is clear.)

Can I send my own brief or order instructions, rather than use your form?

Yes! After you’ve placed your order, email them to

Is all of your content publication ready? I won't have to edit it, will I?

Every piece of content you’ll receive passes through an editor. Scrutinized to the max. We verify the instructions have been followed 100%.

As a content vendor, what are your qualifications?

  • Each member of the SEOCH administration has a college level education.
  • Our “in the trenches” agency & SEO experience has enabled us to provide real-world solutions. We own a successful marketing agency which has an emphasis on quality content, lead generation, and SEO.
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