Authority Builders Case Study & Review

While content production remains SEO Content Hero’s #1 priority, I utilize our content assets for agency projects, authority sites, and affiliate sites.

And with any project facing stiff competition comes the necessary requirement of obtaining quality links to propel your rankings into profitable territory.

A common challenge for marketers who require links to scale is finding reliable resources for quality links.

If you’re an SEO, it’s likely you’ve had the experience of carefully planning a campaign, only to suffer lackluster results because the links you’ve used from a vendor (or vendors) did not meet expectations.

Whether you’re dealing with client sites, a company site, or your own website investment, it is safe to say outstanding content plus exceptional links will undoubtedly lead to superior results.

Using SEO Content Hero will get you halfway there by fulfilling the outstanding content part.

But like many other areas of marketing, it takes perseverance and kissing a considerable number of frogs to find a single top-notch link relationship.

Authority Builders for the Win

Since my results with Authority Builders’ Guest Post Service have been stellar, I’ve got the confidence to share my experience.

My first purchase consisted of 2 links for 2 separate keywords and pages. I published the pages and shared on Facebook a few months prior.

These are actual results without any finagling.

LINK #1 – Giant Boost with 1 Link for a 33,000 Searches/Month Keyword

LINK #2 – From Nowhere to Position #52 for a 33,000 Searches/Month Keyword

And to add to the excitement, the increases have held.

Impressive Customized List Service

After experiencing the above results, I placed a larger order and the service was excellent from start to finish.

Rather than spend time researching for fitting sites on my own, I put in a request to the Authority Builders team, via their dashboard, to source out fitting opportunities for my site.

I received a reply along with a custom list within 24 hours.

The sites selected:
  • Were niche & topically relevant
  • Were high authority sites – which will help to build the authority and trust of my site.
  • Have, according to the account manager, produced positive SERPs movement on previous orders.

On top of that, the team asked for information pertaining to my current link strategy so they may better understand my business.

If you fall into the busy person category (like me), services that are hands-off like this make life much easier.

Not many vendors associated with SEO sales or products provide that level of care. Within a short period of time I had my links live and a very happy client.

The Real Deal

All of the sites my links appear on are real sites with real traffic. They are most definitely not PBNS and the quality of the links exceed the cost.

This service is just what I have been looking for, which is real outreach links I can purchase at volume without any real hiccups or delays.

Was I Surprised?


Matt Diggity, the owner of Authority Builders, is a well-known SEO specialist.

With a background in engineering, Matt employs a testing-based approach.

Matt’s accomplishments reflect his substantial knowledge of the trade.

Here’s a couple of them:

  • Matt has a popular blog that systematically details his processes
  • He runs a successful affiliate SEO agency with many sites at the five and six-figure revenue per month range
  • Frequently sells websites exceeding 6-figures each
  • He’s created an advanced course called the Affiliate Lab. Many consider it the most effective Affiliate SEO course available to date

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