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Stop wasting time managing writers
and scale your content to the moon.

For Agencies, Marketers, and SEOs

Rank Higher

We do more than just write content. Our emphasis is on SEO copywriting strategies, competitive data, and conversion-copy tactics.

Fast Turnaround

Expect a 4-6 business day turnaround for projects under 10,000 words. Our TAT
for larger orders is quite impressive.

Quality Assurance

Our writers are thoroughly vetted. All of our content passes through a scrutinizing editing process and is quality checked.

Why Choose Us

We provide SEO-optimized content at scale, with minimal effort on your end. We’ve done all the proper vetting, hiring, assessing, and training necessary to be a professional asset. Let us be an extension of your team!

The right Cost

We know profits are based on having the best margin possible. That’s why our product options are arranged according to BUDGET. Match your needs with the appropriate package.

Superior Quality Options?

Our ELITE LEVEL CONTENT is what happens when you take exquisitely talented writers and apply SEO & conversion attributes to their work. View the video testimonials on the product page that show the quality you can expect.

Professional Fulfillment

Professional level project fulfillment entails the efficient delivery of an exceptional content product. Guided by seasoned strategists and consultants, you can expect just that. Our “in the trenches” SEO & Agency experience keeps our content writing system relevant and effective.


Joe is constantly looking for new solutions that will keep SEO Content Hero ahead of the game. And he manages to do that. First Content Writing Agency that tested Surfer for real? Check. First company that included it as a service? Check. Innovative and continuously exploring new opportunities is a guarantee of the best available content services today and tomorrow. They are just too good to not hire them.

Michal Suski

Surfer Logo

SEO Content Hero is more than just SEO content. We’ve used their team to greatly expand our content creation ability and they’ve gone beyond simple briefs when it comes to giving us what we need. Their team has been pivotal for us when expanding our content. I see a lot of content agencies with my work and can tell from experience that SEO Content Hero is one of the best solutions out there. Highly recommend.

Gregory Elfrink

We’ve tried many different content creation partners, including subject matter “experts.” Although these partners have delivered adequate copy, there’s often revisions needed. The whole point of using a content agency is to save time… which is why I turn to SEO Content Hero when I need content on target the first time. They offer quality and consistency. They’re now my first choice for all client projects, saving me time, hassle, sleepless nights, and a few gray hairs.

Grant Simmons

simonet marketing

I’ve been working with Joe and SEO Content Hero for several months now and it’s one of the best services we’ve had a chance to work with. We can rely on them to deliver high quality content according to our precise instructions. The support you get is just amazing. Try it. I’m 100% sure you will like it!

Nemanja Mirkovic

In recent months Joe and his awesome team have delivered over 500,000 words of money site content for me. Not once have I had an issue. I know when I place an order, I’m going to get content that meets my standards and in a timely manner. Their customer service is outstanding and they are always available.

Doug Stewart

There’s a plethora of writers and writing services in the marketplace. The owner truly cares about the quality of the articles. I’ve been sending my clients to use SEO Content Hero and they are all happy with the outcome. Great job!

Steven Kang

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