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Content Writing Service

Content for SEOs & Digital Marketers

Content that fits ANY occasion… and budget

Whether you’re needing absolutely flawless writing for your best client’s high-traffic site with our ELITE content, your pride and joy affiliate site needs substantive content from our PREMIUM & PLATINUM packages, or if you’re just wanting topically supportive content from our STANDARD service for your latest SEO campaign, we’ve got you covered. You don’t have to break the bank to complete an effective digital marketing project, thanks to SEO Content Hero. View samples below.

We’re SEOs. Our products are designed by agency level SEOs for SEOs & digital marketers. We’ve based our operation around the fact that our customers require not only great content, but also the capacity for detailed instructions to be executed properly. We employ best practices for keyword usage and the balancing of synonyms & semantic terms while simultaneously delivering a natural final product sure to please Google AND your visitors.

The image here demonstrates why we have different “levels” of content. It was designed to provide agency owners with both ECONOMIC options as well as TOP QUALITY options for the creation and maintenance of websites of all kinds. Additionally, to scale an ongoing SEO campaign requires a content strategy and outline. You NEED SUPPORTING CONTENT TO RANK. This process can be expensive, and utilizing our business model addresses the issue.

examples of ways to utilize the different pricing options we offer

Purchase Options

Questions? View our FAQ Page

(View our “Elite” service below these)

best suited for

We refer to our STANDARD content as “TOPICAL CONTENT.” Normally used for the purpose of linkbuilding, topical SEO content, web 2.0s, etc. We don’t recommend putting this content on your main website. >>> $1-$2 per 100 words range

Our STANDARD written content is best suited for use as:

  • Less visible inner page topical supportive website content (for SEO purposes)
  • Content that is used for topical support and is not client-facing
  • Tier 1 SEO content, Web 2.0 content, mass pages

The STANDARD level of content has proper English grammar & punctuation, is fully unique & handwritten, and is 100% Copyscape proof. It is good enough to appear on most websites for inner or topical support, but please be advised that for client facing content or “more visible” articles we do not recommend this level of content. It is basically purposed as “SEO Content.” If you are in need of content worthy of sharing with your clients, we suggest you explore our PREMIUM LEVEL CONTENT for more substantive info, our PLATINUM LEVEL CONTENT service for increased quality & engagement, and our ELITE LEVEL service if you’re looking to build something fantastic.

** PLEASE NOTE: While many of our STANDARD writers can follow instructions  well, they’re not quite as proficient with EXTENSIVE instructions. We suggest our PREMIUM, PLATINUM, or ELITE writers for researched and detailed pieces that require more than topically supportive content. However, the quality for this content is still far beyond what you’ll get anywhere else for the price, we guarantee THAT.
why its a great deal

You’re not going to find original content of this quality any cheaper. Period.

We also have a support team who genuinely cares that your orders are delivered ON TIME and as smoothly as possible.


best suited for

We describe our PREMIUM content as “BUDGET MONEY SITE CONTENT.” General website & blog content for small budgets. While it is inexpensive, it is also factual, well written, and without fluff.  >>> $3+ per 100 word range

Our PREMIUM written content is mostly used by our customers for:

  • Product reviews & Affiliate content of any length
  • Blog posts for Local businesses, National, Affiliate Sites, etc
  • Website Pages

This content is unique, has perfect English grammar & punctuation, and is of course 100% Copyscape proof. We often refer to this level of content as “budget money site” content.

If you’re looking for the BEST we have to offer, we recommend our platinum service for even more charisma, and our ELITE service if you’re looking to build something profound.

why its a great deal

You’re not going to find original, premium content like this at as low as $2.75/per 100 words anywhere.

We also have a support team who genuinely cares that your orders are delivered ON TIME and as smoothly as possible.


best suited for

Our PLATINUM content is written by experienced writers who can create engaging content, great for any type of website page, landing page, blog article, affiliate, etc.

This content has perfect English grammar & punctuation, is obviously 100% Copyscape proof.  For the best content available, try our ELITE SERVICE.

As low as $5/per 100 words

why its a great deal

You’re not going to find amazing content like this at as low as $5/per 100 words anywhere.

We also have a support team who genuinely cares that your orders are delivered ON TIME and as smoothly as possible.


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Our “Elite” content service is the highest quality content writing that we offer. It’s used religiously by our customers who are established within the digital marketing / SEO industry. As agencies and individuals gain experience and enter competitive spaces, moderate level writing no longer yields adequate results.

Our Elite writers have published pieces for fortune-500 companies, well-known brands, and top affiliate pages… sites ranking for 50k – 100k/mo+ search terms. For technical writing, heavy research, or if you simply just want to use our best writers.

Prices are $8 per 100 words and $12 per 100 words. (Click below to find out more)

“I’ve tried all the content services available. There are a few good ones, but the main issue I find is they’re unable to maintain quality and quantity in a decent TAT.

In recent months Joe and his awesome team have delivered over 500,000 words of awesome money site content for me. Not once have I had an issue. I’ve never had to chase them for delivery dates etc.

I know now when I place an order with seocontenthero.com, I’m going to get high quality content that meets my standards and in a timely manner. Not to mention their outstanding customer service who is always available.” – DOUG STEWART,

“I’ve been working with Joe and SEO Content Hero for several months now and it’s one of the best services we’ve had a chance to work with so far.
We can rely on Joe’s team to deliver high quality content according to our precise instructions whenever we have the need.
And the support you get is just amazing. Try it and I’m 100% sure you will like it.



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